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TEXAS Women’s Circle G Brown / Bone Dragonfly Boots – Square Toe

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 7.05.22 PMCome on over to to scout-out, TEXAS becoming, Women’s Circle G Brown / Bone Dragonfly Boots – Square Toe, at just $129.98. The loveliness of this well-built footwear is readily apparent, and this fetching style is long on looks. The gorgeousness of the rich-brown shade takes on a magnificent marbled appearance, due to the precise leather distressing process. Texan ladies will melt over the pristine glossy sheen that personifies a sense of refinement. An absolutely resplendent dragonfly design, worked in a perfectly bone-hued embroidery pattern, gives onlookers an impressive eyeful. Add the sassy-looking square-toe profile and Texas favored western heel, and every eloquent detail blends into a harmonious wardrobe choice.

These feminine boots are deceiving, as they are crafted to be incredibly-strong. Texas gals, that bite at this delicious, offer will get footwear that will persevere for many happy years. Other buy-incentives are fine leather-lining, full-grain leather, and a durably-attractive double-stitched welt. To access further engaging details, visit fast. Be a TEXAS cover-girl by wearing exquisite Women’s Circle G Brown / Bone Dragonfly Boots – Square Toe. Contact561-748-8801.


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