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Corral Bone Floral Boots

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 11.57.41 PMTexas ladies can mystify bystanders by wearing the exquisite Corral Bone Floral Boots, now being shown as a featured item, at the currently stylish shopping site. The design of this sensational footwear by Corral is exceptionally elegant. These divinely crafted Bone-hued creations make exemplary bridal boots for a unique Texas country wedding. Elaborate floral, white-stitched, delicate embroidery patterns meander gracefully over the shafts, heels and vamps. A dark contrasting stripe sets off both shaft centers. This darker color also nicely outlines the uppermost edges of these beautiful name-brand boots, and an outer-edge pull tab metal adornment provides an edgy, eye-catching accent.

The lighter shade of this artistic footwear gives Texan gals a chance to wear attire that is great for bringing cheer to a dreary day. The 2″ cowgirl heels look sharp, and they tend to make a lady stand with a confident air. Other distinguishable features include a sturdily built leather outsole and a captivating welt that is single-stitched. Choose to purchase these Facebook spotlighted Corral Bone Floral Boots, and get a terrific price deal. Contact 561-748-8801.
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