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Corral Rebel Flag Boots

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 8.23.08 PMIn anticipation of the upcoming patriotic holiday, Texas guys are rushing over to to buy the awesome portrayed Corral Rebel Flag Boots. This footwear generates American pride on sight. Crafted with superior, all around full-grain leather, this model also is constructed with a high-quality lining and a foot massaging cushioned insole for incredible comfort. The red, white and blue hues of the southern proud rebel flag is prominently displayed on the shaft, foot and encircling the heel. The manufacturer’s specialized design is enticingly spectacular. Men like the sturdy double stitched welt and firmly gripping leather outsole. Purchase soon to save $20.00 extra dollars.

Texas will be reeling with concerts, parties, barbeques and other festivities to mark this traditional near summer’s end holiday. Men intending on participating in these fun events can captivate the ladies by slipping into these eye-catching boots. See further details by logging onto This link will land you directly at this impressive superstore’s Internet ordering section. These Corral Rebel Flag Boots are stunning creations that displays the wearer’s deeply-rooted Texas patriotism. Contact 561-748-8801.
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