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TEXAS Corral Glitter Tribal Inlay Boots

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 11.00.36 PMTEXAS ladies itching to get out and line dance will find the sale, on foxy Corral Glitter Tribal Inlay Boots, just right for the occasion. This footwear will literally make the wearer shine on the dance floor. Texan women will want to flaunt these snip toe profile boots that will seductively tease a dance partner. An exquisite beige glitter is tantalizingly worked into the black flattering tribal design, seen throughout the entire model. This footwear portrays a classic vintage appearance, due to charming distressing of the prime quality leather. A saucy western heel completes the image of a nice version of a western styled footwear choice that gives every Texan gal an alluring measure of naughtiness.

Ladies in Texas get help with keeping up the brisk pace of popular line dance steps by selecting to wear this eye-catching Corral, all season, boot item, featuring bonus cushioned insoles. A girl might get winded, but her feet will feel invigorated to keep moving. Order radiant Corral Glitter Tribal Inlay Boots via TEXAS. Access Facebook today, on‘s visual website. Contact 561-748-8801.


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