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Texas Corral Humming Bird Red Sequence Inlay Boot

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 8.21.01 PMLike an uncontrolled brush fire, a hot sale is spreading a fabulous Texas trend on the runway gorgeous Corral Humming Bird red sequence inlay boot. Since 1954, Texan inhabitants have crossed their state’s southern border. There, skilled Mexican leather artisans create exotically enhanced and flawlessly built Corral footwear. The vibrancy of the deep black cherry colored floral bursts stand out against the flatteringly distressed, rich black and softly supple boot components. A captivating, and nature inspired, black stitched bird lends mystique to the shafts. Texan guys will also stop to hover over the poised lady that saunters into view wearing this seductive footwear choice.

Needless to say, Texas inhabitants have grown to appreciate the finer detailing gracing every single unique Corral Boot Company model. A poised look is achieved with an alluringly streamlined toe profile and the saucy three inch stylish western heels. consumers can find this, instantly entrancing, red inlay sequence boot, appropriately named Humming Bird from Corral. Log into the retail selling Facebook link at anytime night or day. Contact 561-748-8801.


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