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Texas Women’s Corral Cognac & Black Sequence Boots

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 8.06.35 PMOutrageously gorgeous “Texas Women’s Corral Cognac & Black Sequence Boots” have been unveiled at This well crafted footwear choice brings its own bit of bling to any special occasion. The shimmery black sequined inlay feature is truly captivating to see. This finer, full grained leather, western boot also boasts a trendy vintage character, as seen in the incredible distressing throughout. Texan social butterflies and diehard cowgirls can all use these stunning creations to ensure many flattering compliments. A sturdy, yet sensationally comfortable walking heel is set off dramatically by the sassy snip toe profile. Shop this, western wear, fashion focused website now to get these items for a commendable price.

The distinctive sparkly inlay is constructed with a pleasing floral design. Accent studs serve to make this feminine footwear positively mystifying. The glittery black hued sequins rest against the overall rich cognac shade, giving this model an impressive earthy current. Texas ladies are also tuning into‘s salivating Facebook Page to conveniently obtain these fabled “Women’s Cognac & Black Sequence Boots from Corral.” Visit this online sale. Contact 561-748-8801.
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