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Durango Spring Bear Vest

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 9.47.44 PMThe Native American inspired Durango Spring Bear Vest is catching the eyes of Texas female visitors of A traditional American Indian tribal dance was performed each year at the very onset of the Spring season. The women wore fringed shawls to choose a male partner. This finely-crafted soft leather vest generates plenty of male interest with the long, swaying fringes encircling the entire bottom of the garment. Darts are fashioned into the design for a figure-flattering fit. The view from the back is entrancing with its large tribal pattern that is stunning to see. This flirtatious vest is magnificently accented with captivating gold studded hardware placed around the borders.

This enchanting vest, manufactured by the prestigious Durango leather company, is just the sort of style that appeals to well-dressed Texan gals. This selection includes an earthy fabric lining for comfort and intrigue. Ladies can log onto to grasp the alluring power of this very trendy attire option. Texas women are finding mesmerizing ways enhance thisDurango Spring Bear Vest by layering it with enticing tops. Contact 561-748-8801.
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