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Durango Leather Company “Kachina” Dress

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 6.10.37 AMTexas ladies will be enticingly drawn to the artistically-crafted Durango Leather Company “Kachina” Dress, available for under $300.00, at Rich Dark Brown leather gives this garment an exotic look. Based on Native American lore, this dress has two tiers of beautifully long front fringes. These same fringes are repeated on the back starting at the waistline. Texas guys will notice the alluringly swaying fringe details when the female that wears this dress crosses his path. This shorter selection is definitely seductive. Antique metal hardware provides uniquely eye-catching details around the sleeveless armhole and entrancing V-neckline. Gals can slip in or out of this earth flavored dress by using the convenient back zipper.

This hot, Native American styled dress is causing a phenomenal style trend within the borders of Texas. Many women are realizing how this attire item can captivate a man’s attention. Even subtle movements will be noticed by nearby admirers. To find intriguing details, stunning silhouette pictures and ordering information, log onto as soon as possible. This Durango Leather Company “Kachina” Dress is bewitching. Call 561-748-8801.


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