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Men’s Laredo Flagstaff Leather Boot


LAREDO-61161-2TTexans are going hog wild over the Men’s Laredo Flagstaff Leather Boot. The intriguing pattern on the 13″ shaft is remarkably captivating. Try out the bold grey marble toned style for an edgy and elegant look. This model also comes in an arresting bone shade with a rich brown contrasting hue. Enrich your life by buying the men’s Flagstaff Leather boot by Laredo. The stitching details are delightfully exquisite. An impressive lizard print wingtip accents the sharp looking J toe. Pull these beauties on before your next outing or adventure. The difference will be immediately apparent. These boots entice without being overly pushy. These stunning boots are a true joy to own.

view item nowMen across Texas can obtain the exiting Flagstaff Leather boot by browsing the Laredo collection online. There is no need to wait on a harried sales clerk to ring up your purchase. Get these amazing boots at a country and western retailer’s money saving Internet shop. Log onto for a glorious shopping change. This site offers consumers top quality merchandise for a fraction of the item’s true value. Now is a phenomenal time to order spectacular boots. Get online today to glimpse the Men’s Laredo Flagstaff Leather Boot. Contact561-748-8801.

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