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Old Gringo Ziggy Rose Boots Texas

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 8.09.51 PMPicky female boot collectors should pay a visit to to view the foxy Old Gringo Ziggy Rose Boots. Texas ladies are sure to become unexpectedly impressed by the artistically worked, intricate embroidery designs featured beautifully throughout this enchanting footwear. Sensationally colored and irresistible rose flowers intermingle with exquisite leafy accents. All eyes are entrancingly drawn to this gorgeous embroidery, enticingly placed along the toe, up the lovely shafts and finishing with an elaborately stitched, green leaf pattern covering the captivating heel. The elegant bone shade allows these mesmerizing embroidered designs to stand out. The sharp looking J toe and cowboy heel gives this chic styled boot alluringly edgy details.

The Texan woman that dares to don these fabulous boots will give off a flirty image with a compelling inner fire. A man’s interested look will turn into a lingering stare. Visit, to see why this remarkably detailed model, from the famed Old Gringo boot collection, is fast becoming a burning-hot Texas fashion trend. Order these bewitching Old Gringo Ziggy Rose Boots. Texas consumers can conveniently call 561-748-8801 today.


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