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Roar River Run Shirt Texas

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 1.08.59 AMShop for an inspired-by-water, Roar “River Run” Shirt. Texas ladies can wear this western look out anywhere for a sensational statement, unlike any other fashion choice. A tantalizing, floral-like, embroidered-pattern greets onlookers with a sweetly-charming, double-sided front view, expected from true southern belles. These same onlookers will be caught off-guard by the enthralling effect that occurs immediately upon glimpsing the large, intricately-embellished back. The rear angle features a breathtakingly-gorgeous, exotic tribal design. This stunning, long-sleeved Roar selection, crafted with stretch fabrication, clings enticingly to enhance feminine curves. The crinkle wash adds texture to the lovely blue-hue. Entrancing shades of aqua and seashell-orange creates contrasting stitch-work that flirtatiously flows into a fabulous outline.

Texas fashionistas will approve of the inner contrasting fabric resembling a vintage-era, fine handkerchief. This detail is revealed when the adjustable sleeves are turned up. This casual style includes elegant accents, like sparkling rhinestones, set by Tiffany, with additional glossy-satin touches on the front-enclosure border and collar. Use the fast Facebook link on to purchase this enchanting Roar “River Run” Shirt in Texas. Contact 561-748-8801.
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