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Roper Genuine Leather Belt

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 9.54.10 PMTexans will form a fast attachment to the exquisitely crafted Roper Genuine Leather Belt drawing visitors over to Roper utilizes ultra-premium leathers throughout this accessory that features awesome braiding that encircles the waistband of the lucky wearer. The removable buckle is strikingly accented with rows of sparkling rhinestones that are instantaneously captivating. These same glistening rhinestones cover the frontal belt tip tab holder. The distressed brown leather hue is offset by a large earthy brass ring situated midway between the belly-button and the hip bone. The belt braid is adorned with raised gold, silver and specs of blue metal embellishments.

Discerning Texas shoppers will appreciate this genuine leather selection from Roper that beautifully demonstrates how enchanting a braided belt can be. The multicolored tones of the varying metal accent shapes add depth, texture and a bit of an exotic slant. Familiarize yourself with this gorgeous for feminine Texas fall silhouette enhancer. Escape the world by tuning into to hunt down their Facebook “liked” tantalizing accessory bargains. Order the vixenish Roper Genuine Leather Belt online securely. Contact 561-748-8801.
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