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Roper She’s A Rebel Boots Texas

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 7.56.06 PMWear the beautiful Roper She’s A Rebel Boots Texas available right now for purchase at Each stylish boot is crafted with leather colors that are uniquely processed. Texas ladies can get a truly individualized look by choosing this style that features trustworthy lemonwood pegs and a dependable leather sole that is nailed. This enticing cowboy boot, with a gorgeously displayed Rebel Flag, will put the wearer at the center of any one of the many scheduled holiday events. Point the sassy snip toe towards a man of your choosing, and then wait for the compliments and intense attention. The stacked heel is an edgy bonus accent.

The blue shade within the Texas revered flag design stands out against white star accents and an overall red hue. Your feet will feel heavenly standing on a cushy insole. This model includes lining made entirely of leather, a stunning single stitched welt, and a pull that is artistically and practically stitched. Texan gals with a fiery spirit can browse these vivacious Roper She’s A Rebel Boots by logging onto today. Contact 561-748-8801.
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