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Men’s Salt Life Apparel Texas

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 9.26.01 PMGet ready for the waves by shopping via, for all your distinguished Men’s Salt Life Apparel. Texas is home to many surfers, water-ski enthusiasts and other water recreational hobbyists. Now there is a phenomenal line of clothing tailored to meet the standards for use in the ocean, or other water locations. Guys, give the once over to the featured “Tunnel Vision” allover printed swim-safe shorts. The stretchy fabric consists of this top brand’s patented material that boasts high comfortable wear and smart technical additions. This selection dries quick, is machine washable, includes an interior designed with anti-rash properties and more.

The stylish pattern is flattering with blue shades, a fly closure without Velcro, a practical wax pocket adorned with the famed embroidered Logo and a secure Velcro closure. The manufacturer adds a handsome screen-print teardrop skull, and the Salt Life signature is displayed. Visitors of‘s leading Facebook Page can check out this awesome pair of shirts, along with many other finely-crafted Men’s Salt Life Apparel fitting for Texas water adventurers. Contact 561-748-8801.
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