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Men’s Stetson Vintage Snip Toe Harness Boots


12-020-6104-0100-2T (1)Step through life boldly in the Men’s Stetson Vintage Snip Toe Harness Boots. This style features attractive and vibrant design features. The layered etched out pattern is eye-catching. The hand distressed black shade is compelling. This model features a bleached vamp and shaft. There is an air of edginess with the square rocker toe. In Texas, the unique men’s Snip Toe Vintage Harness boots by Stetson can be bought online. A guy will stand steadfast and tall in the impressively stacked heels. Women will marvel over these striking boots. Plan to grab this item while it remains available.

view item nowTexas is the place to acquire the men’s Vintage Snip Toe Harness boots from the Stetson collection. Customers need not travel to browse this distinctive model. Make a visit to for an exciting shopping trip. JC Western Wear is a hospital Texan retailer that offers customers stunning boots. The rugged harness strap on this style stands out. Customers can count on the Stetson boot for durable wear and a cozy fit. Boots in Texas are a proud status symbol. Purchase a pair that will perfect your look. Place your order soon for the Men’s Stetson Vintage Snip Toe Harness Boots. Customers may call 561-748-8801.

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