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TEXAS Dingo Heart Throb Leather Boots

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 6.17.18 PMHead to fast. to save $25.00 on fabulous, TEXAS fringe-detailed,Dingo Heart Throb Leather Boots, colored a rich russet. Soft, breathable textile-lining provides a spectacular comfortable fit, and this flirtatious model includes a novel, extra-flexible lighter weight outsole, crafted from fine composite. The 12″ shaft, and fetching snip-toed foot, is intentionally roomier to allow Texan gals a sensational fit over cozy jeans, sexy leggings and winter warming socks. College students are finding this fun model perfect for social outings. A glossy collar features uniform leather running-stitches above the, all-around-the-boot, full-fringe tantalizing detail that sways seductively, when the wearer walks, dances or kicks-up her medium cowboy heels.

A truly phenomenal overlay entices with interest-generating border outlines. Exquisite, ornamental cut-outs are designed to let the warmer-color undertones accent the gorgeously-distressed brown-hue. Texan ladies get a harmonious mixture of earthy colors, chic features and provocative exotic touches, combined into one captivating footwear selection. For a fantastic picture inspiration, look for these, TEXAS personable, becoming Dingo Heart Throb Leather Boots, by shopping‘s red-hot Facebook offer. Use these sites to order. Contact 561-748-8801.
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