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TEXAS Women’s Lucchese 1883 Ft. Worth Calf Boots

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 10.16.35 PMAny TEXAS girl would look properly attired in the, higher-heeled, Women’s Lucchese 1883 Ft. Worth Calf Boots, accessible through Most traditional western-themed boots sport a lower heel, making this model a perfect design for ladies that want a noticeably unique design. Made from finer all-over-calf materials, this footwear presents a smooth finish, that is irresistibly-soft for day-long comfort-wear. Extra cushioning pushes this stunning wardrobe piece into the extremely-luxurious category. Both the boldly-adorned vamp and quarter, feature immensely-beautiful black crackle calf throughout. The gorgeousness of the brown cafe color, plus the artfully-pointed toes adds additional refinement, that most Texas boot-seekers are after.

Immaculately-precise, raised leather-stitching creates visual drama. This coordinating feature provides enchantingly-stylish texture depth to the saucy wingtip, along the heel curve, outlining the impressive collar and covering the full length of both, easy-slip-on, top pull-tabs. The attention-getting 12″ shaft design is worked in captivating white and vivid contrastingly-hued threads. This authentic Lucchese 1883 collector’s item is viewable now at Order, TEXAS original, and spunky Women’s Lucchese 1883 Ft. Worth Calf Boots quickly. Contact 561-748-8801.
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