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Texas Toastin A Gnarly Shark by Tin Haul

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 10.22.59 PMTexas lady killers are loving the manly vibe of the promoted Toastin A Gnarly Shark by Tin Haul. This is Tin Haul’s current most popular urban western wear footwear item. This innovative boot brand has started a powerful uprising among boot enthusiasts residing in Texas. Show the gals your dangerous side by donning these expertly handcrafted boots that display a striking black and red shark face print on the outer feet sides. The, razor sharp, pearly white shark teeth warns others that the wearer is downright bold. Like all Tin Haul boots, this model’s sole tells the name with a vibrant picture of a modern day sexy barmaid holding aloft an obvious beer mug.
Texans are going crazy over this trendy boot manufacturer’s new collection that has a definite west coast flair while staying true to traditional western roper boots that include a sleek and modern square toe profile. See this exquisite Texas Toastin A Gnarly Shark by Tin Haul boot offer at via Facebook fast. Call 561-748-8801.
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